Revision nose surgery; it is a deliberate operation for patients who have had one or more unsuccessful rhinoplasty, or for candidates who are not satisfied with the result even if the operation is successful.
In addition to aesthetic problems, patients may have functional problems related to breathing.


Revision nose surgery is more difficult for both the patient and the physician in contrast to the first surgery. For revision of nose surgery, a certain period of time should be waited after the first operation. According to the current disturbances and problems, this period is between 6 months and 1 year. The basic logic here is to complete the recovery period for the nose to take its final shape. In the majority of revision surgeries, cartilage graft material is needed in order to reshape the nose and reconstruct the nasal skeletal structure. In this case, there are 3 alternatives; the use of cartilage from the auricle, rib and ready-made irradial. While the cartilages taken from the auricle and ribs are the individual's own cartilage, the ready irradiated cartilage is the cartilage material obtained from a cadaver. For successful surgery in revision rhinoplasty as in the first surgery; existing problems should be fully revealed, what the doctor can do and the patient's expectation should match, and finally, the recovery period should be completed without any problems.



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