MENTOPLASTY (Jaw Aesthetics)

Mentoplasty is the aesthetic surgery of the chin and means the restructuring of the chin to make it more compatible with the face.

MENTOPLASTY (Jaw Aesthetics)

Improvement of the appearance of the chin and the general proportions of the face is performed with this surgical operation. While this procedure can be done by methods such as adding implants in patients with small jaws, applications such as displacement, movement or shortening of a part of the jaw can be performed in jaws with deformity. In patients with small jaws, implants can be placed, as well as a piece taken from another part of the body can be placed in this area. After this simple and safe operation, serious improvements and rejuvenation can be achieved in facial aesthetics. In maxillofacial surgery performed under general anesthesia, the chin prosthesis is placed through a small incision made inside the mouth or under the chin. Hence, there is no surgical scar. It is one of the most frequently performed plastic surgeries in the recent years.



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