OTOPLASTY (Prominent Ear Surgery)

Prominent ear deformity is defined as the fact that the ears protrude from the head more perpendicularly than they should be, and are particularly prominent when viewed from the front or from the back.

OTOPLASTY (Prominent Ear Surgery)

This condition, which is seen at a rate of about 5% in different degrees and in different types in the society, can be observed in one or both ears, and while it does not cause any health problems, it can cause significant psychological problems. Although the development of the auricle is 10 years old, it is largely completed at the age of 4-5 years. There is no harm in performing prominent ear surgery in any period of life, but since this problem can cause psychological problems, especially in children at school age, and also due to environmental factors, otoplasty operations are also frequently performed on school-aged children.



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